A reward

I have this fridge that I have covered with words. When in my kitchen, I listen while I work. I listen to books and podcasts primarily. And when I listen I write down key things that I want to remember. And so my fridge became full of words, because naturally I wrote all these things on my fridge. At some point in the last few months our wonderful neighbors got a new fridge and asked us if we would like their old excellent condition one. Yes, of course we did. So, new fridge in the kitchen and old trusty moved to the porch because yes, we do need 3 refrigerators. Which means I didn’t lose all the insight I’ve written on trusty over the years. On the new behemoth I’ve put magnet paper on it and write on that…so yay for insight to come.  But in the meantime, I want to talk about one of the insights from Trusty.

THE PUNISHMENT FOR A BAD HABIT IS A BAD HABIT (I would like to credit this to Gretchen Rubin, but I forgot to credit it on Trusty so I’m not totally certain that it comes from her…but it does sound like her.) AND the reverse is also true. THE REWARD FOR A GOOD HABIT IS A GOOD HABIT.

There are so many ways to apply this to my life and I do. I say it to myself when I am embarking on a new habit. I remind myself of it when I wallow in a bad habit and I rejoice in it when I participate in a good habit.

My neighbor and I were discussing the current sense of entitlement that seems to have taken over so many people you meet. He is an older fellow and since I am an old soul (although not actually young…I am in the last of the gen Xers) we get along nicely. Anyhow, He began by talking about the younger generations and how it is so natural for them to feel entitled and that’s what’s hurting our modern day and age. And while I agree, it does currently seem like this mentality is natural for the up and coming generations I feel like it is more a current people problem. I get so tired of hearing about all the wonderful things I “deserve”.  I should be getting my fair share of all the goodness…my reward for existing.  Truly that deserve mentality disgusts me. I hate when I adopt it because it makes like seem so unfair. As far as I believe reality to be life isn’t supposed to be fair. Life is what we make it. And much of that is what we do with our minds, not our circumstances. And good habits help our minds.

For example some of my children have a bad habit of calling each other annoying. Breaking a bad habit is soooo hard and I would love to help them nip this in the bud. And so, we are creating a good habit of telling your sibling what a good brother or sister they are several times to combat when the bad habit strikes. Because the goal is to retrain their minds and thoughts to recognize the good of their sibling as opposed to constantly enforcing when things aren’t going great. Or to think of it like this…

By acknowledging what a good brother or sister I have, I am rewarding myself with a positive relationship with them when I get older. Also, there is the reward that they recognize that I think they are good and they strive to live up to those positive thoughts. It also encourages me to live up to being a good brother or sister as well. In addition to these life-long rewards, I also am a peacemaker in my home which makes my mom happy.             -REWARDS ABOUND

Habits in our lives are like ripples in the pond of life. I would really love to see how all the positive ripples play out. I can encourage my children to get rewarded by rewarding myself with good habits. Writing on this blog is a good habit for me. It helps to focus my mind. It gives me a creative space. I get to get my thoughts out and really recognize  what is happening in my life. And so once again I am going to attempt to renew this good habit in my life.  I recently acquired an old fitbit. I have not begun to log my food intake, but I am watching my sleep and my water intake and my steps in a while new way. Talk about needing some new good habits… And so, I am grateful for this fitbit tool in order to create better habits in my life. And to make my blog more of a reality, I am also going to use my calendar tool.  (HINT: Use tools to help you create good habits.) I am setting actual blog time everyday.  My goal is to have three new posts a week.

Tomorrow I turn 38. I am looking forward to rewarding myself this year with rewards I actually deserve. As I evaluate tonight, I will be thinking of how my life’s pond ripples and what I can do to reward not only myself, but others with my good habits. I am so glad I am not too old to start afresh on things I want to try and be. I truly believe the only too old for a good habit is dead. So, no matter where you are at today consider your ripples. What reward do you need in your life? Have a glass of water, at least, and enjoy the reward of good hydration.

Until next time – Be blessed.




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