November 2

Nothing like day 2 to put a pin in my balloon of optimism. It’s not like I can’t find things to be thankful for. Today actually started out “great” at 4:10 AM. I am a morning person, but if I get up that early, I need to have a little down time in the afternoon. With an 11 month old who has decided it is her mission in life to only take 2 20 minute naps a day, down time is hard to come by. So, instead of downtime, it was chore time. I got 4 loads of laundry washed…2 put away. Not too bad considering.

The best part of my day today was getting to “hangout” with my sister in love in Australia and her two beautiful boys. Those gorgeous faces. They make smiles appear.

There were several points today when I really enjoyed watching my kids grow and learn and just be. There were several points today where I think I was ready to lose my mind too. I am so grateful that this is not a journey I am facing all by myself.

My husband is my rock. He is such an amazingly faithful man. Somehow he always finds the energy for one more thing that I need. One more leg rub for our restless son. One more conversation and laugh with our oldest before lights out. Sure, it’s not always what he would prefer to be doing, but he does it with a cheerful heart. Definitely makes him my hero. I love my man.

Thanksgiving today is all about family. Whether the day is rough and stormy or bright and cheerful or a mixture of both, I know that my family is going to make something interesting out of my day. I know that I am truly rich with all the things in life that matter. It’s love and it’s all around if we’ll just take a moment and listen.

May you find a little something to make you look at your day with Thanksgiving,



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