November 1 -Thanksgiving Day 1

Here I am starting another new adventure. Every November I’ve attempted to take some time and think about being thankful. This year I’m doing things a  little different.

First of all I’m shutting off the TV and the distraction it creates in my life. For me, sometimes TV is just a simple way to relax, but it can also be a time stealer. And this month, I don’t want things stolen from me. I do not want my time to be stolen which causes my joy to get stolen because there really is only so much time in a day.

This month I’m focusing on my list of gratitude and filling it up because I will actually be taking the time to see them. This month, I’m reading more and praying more and focusing on relationship more. I’m letting go of past hurts and embracing future joys.

This month, I’m accomplishing some projects that have been on my to-do list for much too long. I’m finding the time to enjoy the 5 minute clean-up. I thanking God for the little projects I get done that help me complete the overall goal.

This month, I’m opening up my donate box and my trash can and letting go of the things that weigh my life down. I am refocusing on the goals I have and the lifestyle I want and doing what it takes to get there.

This month, I am letting go of junk food and even comfort food that I might be grateful for the simpleness and completeness of provision. I will need to turn to God to fill my empty spaces instead of food that is only pleasure on the lips for but a moment. In this time I will taste and see that THE LORD IS GOOD. I am not limited to the simple cravings that see me through the rough days. Instead, I will be seeing the blessing throughout each day and finding a way to be thankful for what God has provided instead of irritated because of the things I do not have. I am excited that I can be grateful for what I do have.

This month, I will have my dishes done and my laundry caught up. Not because I have to, but rather because I get to. I get to remember that dirty dishes are a sign of God’s provision of food in our household and clean dishes are a sign that we are open for more of what He has to offer. I get to be thankful that my children have plenty to wear and will never be too cold or too naked to enjoy life.

This month, I get to choose to honor God through working with my children in a way that brings thankfulness for this time we have together. I get to lead my family to a place of thanksgiving for everything we have and also, for all the things we do not have.  It is a blessing to not have too much!  This is a focus for me this month.

This month, I will relish the time I spend in the word by daily copying it with my own hand.  I will use this time to clear my thoughts from previous distractions and allow myself to still and listen for the still small voice that calls to me. I will focus on the Heartbeat Of Love that is the true rhythm for my life.

This month, I will read…truly read some glorious looking books that have sat on my bedside table and are dusty with waiting for me to pick up. My mind will be opened to someone else’s story, someone’s insight into the best life and challenges to be a better parent. I will laugh and cry and go to places you can only go when you read a book.

This month, I will smile more. I will laugh more. I will celebrate more. I begin this month in a fresh place…seeking the heart of thanksgiving I know that beats within me. I will not allow myself to steal from myself this month. I am all in.

This month, I find the heart of worship.

Happy Thanksgiving



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