A brand new day

Each day is a gift. We all know that. It can sound a little cliche…or a lot. Each day doesn’t really cut it for me though. I can start my day with grand intentions and two minutes later lose it.  Bye bye gift.  Thus, I must realize that each moment is a gift.  I must become present in each moment. An unreceived gift is lost. An unopened gift holds so much unrealized potential.

Mindfulness :

the state of being aware of something important

the practice of maintaining a non-judgemental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment by moment basis

This is not some voodoo thing we are talking about here. This is a simple concept actually. It’s smelling the roses. It’s jumping in puddles. It’s catching a snowflake on your tongue. For me, it’s looking into my children’s eyes when they are talking to me. It’s making that heart connecton rather than that chore connection. It’s constantly realizing that all I have is now. This moment is my gift. As I lay here in bed typing away I pause a moment and listen. I hear my husband breathing his deep even breath as he sleeps. I feel my baby girl curled up next to me, her warmth and softness a treasure all it’s own.

With just these two simple obsrvations I am reminded that I am not alone. I have both someone to hold me and someone to hold. I can never be so lost that I will be forgotten. I know that I am needed. I am necessary. For you it is the same. We may not have the same blessings. You do have blessings.  If you choose to practice mindfulness you will be able to see them. Sometimes you will have to see the pain first. Sometimes you have to sort through the pain to see the gift.  That doesn’t mean the gift isn’t worth it. For the person willing to look past, look through, look beyond the pain they will find a gift far greater than they could ever hope for. And that gift will be more than we could begin to comprehend. Because if the only gift you can allow yourself to see is the gift of life than that is where you need to start. Your life is a gift and when mindful of the moment you will be able to see that.

God says that before He formed us in the womb He knew us. He planned for us. He is jealous for us. Whether you believe in God or not you are loved by him. He calls your name. With the loud crescendo of crashing waves He calls your name. With the vibrant dripping and dropping of raindrops your name can be heard. In the stillness of falling snow when all around you everything seems to be blanketed in silence there is still a voice calling your name.

As my children erupt and shout and shake the walls, He calls my name. When it seems all I can hear is the sound of crying so loud it seems to shatter the eardrums, He calls my name. He writes love letters to me in the eyes of my boys and when I look deeply into them I can see His words. I can see the reflection of His smile for me in the smile of my little girl. In the chaos, in the mess, in the exhaustion I am not alone. Far from it, I am held close to His heart. And in these moment of mindfulness I can truly say as David said… Be gracious to me O God, be gracious to me, for in You my soul takes refuge. In the shadow of Your wings I take refuge until destruction passes by. (Psalm 57:1)

For an introvert there is almost no better promise than the one of peace. This is His promise to me today that as I cry out to Him, He will be my peace. As I am mindful of my moments He will reveal all that I need. For in my strength I can sometimes bare knuckle scrape by. In His strength I can live, really live life to the fullest, overwhelmed with blessing and finding true rest in complete peace.

Blessings, J


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