Hello World!

What an appropriate blog post title…ha.  This is the suggested title for the first blog you post.  I decided to run with it.  Why kick a gift horse in the mouth after all?

I have started many blogs in my life.  Some of them were average, some were great, some never really even got off the ground. There is this beautiful thing that happens when you get older and that is that you start to understand yourself better.  As a child I would have titled myself an extrovert because I liked being around people and wasn’t really afraid to address a crowd or anything like that.  Of course, there was that insatiable desire to be alone and read, but I thought that was just because I liked to read.

Then one day I heard a description of introvert and extrovert in regards to energy and I realized something about myself.  I am an introvert.  I love being with others and I freely give of my energy to spend time with those around me, but I desperately need to be alone after a while and recharge.

So, apparently God thought it would be a funny joke to steer the desires of my heart towards kids…lots and lots of them.  Like seriously, when I was a kid I used to say I wanted 12 of them and I don’t think I’ve actually given that dream up.  We are currently at 5 and counting. Oh…and so far the first four are boys.  And for some beautiful crazy reason we think homeschooling is the best option for our family. 4 boys and my new baby girl at home with me all the time…that means noise. Noise all the time. And people…people all the time.

So, this blog is about my crazy life of living as an introvert on overload.  And, because of all these people I have the need to be a minimalist even though that goes against my previous personality. Oh, and I love to cook (good thing since boys are almost always hungry).  So, this blog will contain bits of this and that, but focusing and how to be an introvert in a crazy world and not just survive, but thrive. It’ll include extra yummy recipes that seem to feed my whole family. I’ll talk about budgeting and having your finances in order. I’ll talk about minimalism and what the journey for my large family looks like. I’ll talk about parenting and homeschooling and basically anything that I find relevant to my personal journey.  Hopefully, you’ll walk away laughing, cheered in spirit and inspired to live life to the fullest.



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